We have put together a few sights for you.

Heilbronn has more to offer than you think!

In the experimenta you get to the bottom of things. Science and technology can be experienced by everyone. In our exhibition you will discover the world and always new things - regardless of whether you are three or 103 years old.

Animal fun awaits visitors in the Tripsdrill wild paradise – much more than just a visit to the zoo. On more than 47 hectares, it is home to over 60, mostly native animal species.

With almost 40 hectares, the Breitenauer See is the largest body of water in North Württemberg. The entire local recreation area at the Breitenauer See covers over 90 hectares for the lake and all of its ancillary facilities.

A unique experience for young and old. The salt mine provides an unforgettable experience for big and small explorers, whatever the weather. After a journey of only around 30 seconds, you will experience the fascinating world of "white gold" at a depth of 180 metres.

The Kilianskirche is the main church and landmark of Heilbronn, seat of the regional bishop and the dean, deeply rooted in the consciousness of the Heilbronn city society. The Kilianskirche is a prominent place for regular concerts.

The famous Staufer town not only has a historic silhouette, but also many narrow, winding streets and well-preserved half-timbered houses. A walk along the old city wall is worthwhile.

Heilbronner City Hall

Heilbronn's history goes back many centuries. So the area was probably already 30,000 BC. settled. The Romans and Celts were also very active in this area. For example, a Limes fort was built near Böckingen around 90 AD, and Heilbronn was first mentioned as “Helibrunna” in the course of a donation in 741 AD. This name goes back to a water source.